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Zymox OTIC

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If your pet is having problems with his or her ears, Zymox OTIC may be prescribed to provide relief from the uncomfortable symptoms. These ear drops contain three different types of enzymes, and each one provides a different benefit. Lactoperoxidase is used to fight the effects of bacteria, while lysozyme is capable of killing certain bacterial strains. Lactoferrin helps to keep bacteria and other types of microbes from growing inside of the ear. Hydrocortisone is also included in the ear drops to alleviate itching. Veterinarians commonly recommend Zymox OTIC to reduce inflammation and treat ear infections caused by yeast overgrowth, fungus or bacteria. The drug is available without a veterinarian’s prescription and is intended for use for cats and for dogs.

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Keep your pet in the best of health with problems that may arise over time. If they have acute or chronic ear problems, then you will want to find solutions that help them to hear and feel better. The Zymox OTIC is a pharmaceutical remedy that you can add as a primary method to help your animal gain back their ear health. The solution is designed to combat against a variety of problems, all which target the issues of the ears that many animals have.

Looking at Potential Ear Problems

Dogs and cats can both easily suffer from ear problems that affect their hearing and comfort levels. The way that ears are shaped causes them to be exposed to the external environment, leading to potential problems. Many will have attacks from bacteria that cause them to develop acute problems with their ears. You will notice them itching or remaining uncomfortable while targeting their ears. If the ears are flopped or turned inwards, then they may have other issues with fungal and yeast infections. These occur from the extra moisture that builds up, leading to issues they may have. These may become chronic with certain types of dogs or other conditions they have.

Recognizing Ear Problems

If you think your dog may have an ear infection, then you will want to look at certain signs they may show. You will notice discomfort with itching or shaking their head, focused specifically on their ears. You may also notice there is discoloring or other issues from the bacteria or fungal infections that they have. You can work with a vet to determine what the central issues are, finding a way to combat against the problems that exist. This will lead you to pharmacy treatments that help to kill the bacterial infections that your dog may have.

Using Zymox OTIC for Ear Care

If you have found the ear infection with your dog or cat, then you can turn to Zymox OTIC for a complete solution. This pharmacy drug is known to treat mild to severe ear infection problems that may arise. You will find flexibility in the treatment, specifically allowing you to treat bacteria or yeast infections. The drops that you give your dogs will instantly target the area of their ears while drying out too much moisture that causes yeast infections or killing the bacteria or fungus in their ears.

Discomfort from your dog means that you need to find a pharmaceutical treatment to assist them with their needs. The ear infections that may arise may cause discomfort as well as more severe problems if not cared for. You can look to Zymox OTIC to find a complete treatment for your pet while providing them with new solutions for their ear health.


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