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Temaril-P is a commonly used medication that helps to treat mild to severe itching and coughing in dogs. Available only with a veterinarian’s prescription, the medication comes in tablet form and can be broken into pieces to be mixed in with your pet’s food if you desire. Often prescribed for kennel cough, Temaril-P contains two drugs that are approved by the FDA. The first is Trimeprazine, an antihistamine medication that stops the nagging itchy feeling that can prompt coughing in dogs. The drug also includes Prednosolone, a type of corticosteroid that is effective at reducing inflammation of the airways, which can also contribute to coughing. Temaril-P makes it easy for dogs to benefit from both of these medications, simplifying treatment for both pets and their owners.

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Temeril- P is a pet drug used to treat itching and coughing (including kennel cough) in dogs. The drug works as an anti-itch and cough suppressant. Temaril-P can be used to treat pets suffering from acute or chronic bacterial infections already being treated with chemotherapy or antibiotics. In dogs, the drug is used to treat skin infections and disorders. If you have tried other drugs to treat your dog itchiness unsuccessfully, Temaril-P can be a better option. Other than treating itches in dogs, the drug can also be used to treat several types of coughs in dogs including kennel cough, tracheobronchitis bronchitis, coughs of nonspecific origin and coughs resulting allergies among others.

How Temaril-P works

The drug is available in two brands. There is Trimeprazine, which is an antihistamine with a sedative. An antihistamine is responsible for fighting histamine, which is a chemical released to cause inflammation and itchiness in dogs. Another brand of Temaril-P is called Prednisolone. This is a corticosteroid that resembles a naturally occurring hormone produced in the adrenal cortex, cortisol. Corticosteroids improve the immune system of your dog by hindering production of inflammatory causing substances. Prednisolone also boosts the immune responses of your dog so that it can fight coughs and itches. If you miss giving your pet a dose of Temaril-P, you should not give two does in the consecutive time because this could result to poisoning. It is recommended to skip the missed dose and continue with the dose as prescribed by a veterinary.


Temaril-P should be stored in a cool, dry place at room temperature. It is also worth noting that Temaril is poisonous and, therefore, should be kept away from the reach of children.

Common side effects and reactions of Temaril-P

Just like other drugs, Temaril-P has side effects too. Temaril-P that has predisolone may cause your dog to experience depression, restlessness, tremors, sedation and general body weakness.  Additionally, the drug can react with other drugs such as Aspirin, Antacids, Deramaxx, Phenobarbital and Furosemide among others.

Although Temaril-P is readily available across the counter on pharmacies and pets drug stores, it is recommended to consult a veterinarian before giving Temaril-P to your pet. You should also avoid giving your pet any other medication or supplement together with Temaril-P to avoid reaction.

On the other hand, you should not stop giving your pet Temaril-P without consulting a veterinarian even if you notice some side effects. The dosage should be withdrawn gradually to wean your pet off steroids. It worth noting that the drug may cause blood sugar to rise and if you pet is diabetic; it is recommended to increase the amount of insulin when your pet is taking Temaril-P. However, you should consult a veterinarian before changing the diabetic insulin dosage of your pet.


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