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Trifexis is a powerful and effective means of preventing heartworm disease, as well as protect against fleas and a number of other worms and parasites. Trifexis is an oral medication that works quickly to kill parasites that live inside and outside of dogs. Only available with a prescription from a vet, the medication contains a combination of Spinosad and Milbemycin oxime and can be given to dogs who are at least 8 weeks old and weigh a minimum of 5 pounds. With just one dose per month, Trifexis can keep dogs free of heartworms, fleas, whipworms, hookworms and roundworms for 30 days. Spinosad works very quickly to paralyze fleas’ nervous systems and then ultimately cause their death. Within 30 minutes of administration, fleas begin to die, and studies show that all adult fleas are killed by the medication within 4 hours of administration. The medication comes in the form of a naturally flavored beef chew-able tablet.

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Dogs are under constant threat of invasion by fleas, worms, and other parasitic creatures. Help protect your pooch with Trifexis. Trifexis protects against heartworm, hookworm, roundworm, whipworm, and fleas, and comes as a beef-flavored tablet, so your dog won’t even know that they’re taking medicine! Trifexis kills fleas 30 minutes after being taken, leaving fleas no time to lay eggs, and keeps working for 30 days!

Trifexis for Dogs

Is your dog infested with fleas, heartworms, hookworms, roundworms or whipworms? Then you do not have to worry because Trifexis will fix that for you. Trifexis is a chewable tablet that kills, prevents and controls parasite infestations in your canine. This medication whose effects are visible in half an hour must be prescribed by your veterinarian. Trifexis can only be administered to dogs of 8 weeks of age and older weighing 5 lbs and above.

Trifexis has been proven to be very effective and beneficial in that it kills all biting fleas within just four hours. It kills fleas before they can lay eggs, and it also kills laid eggs before they can mature which makes sure that the flea cycle is brought to an end. Trifexis is ideal in preventing heartworm disease, and it is also used to treat and control whipworm, roundworms and hookworm intestinal infections. It is, however, good to note that even if these tablets control, treat and prevent many parasites, it does not control ticks.

Trifexis is a beef flavored chewable tablet, which is made out of hydrolyzed soy and pork liver to make it palatable to dogs, and it is given once a month. This medication is given with food, chewed, or it can be administered just like any other tablet medication. At times, your dog can vomit these tablets within an hour of taking them. If this happens, then, you should give your dog another full dose. You should always consult your veterinarian before administering this medication to your pregnant or lactating dogs. To ensure that your Trifexis tablets are always in good condition, you should make sure that you store them at room temperature.

Before giving this medication to your dog, there are a few things that you should be cautious about. If you have breeding females, then caution should be taken when administering Trifexis for parasite control and eradication. Dogs that have a history of pre-existing epilepsy should also be given this medication with a lot of caution. A higher rate of vomiting may also be prevalent in dogs less than 14 weeks. Always consult your veterinarian just to be sure that everything is okay. This ensures that this medication is effective in killing, controlling, preventing and treating parasite infestations and infections.

The most common side effects associated with administering Trifexis to your dogs is vomiting. This, however, can be dealt with by giving the dog another dose. Incase other side effects like decreased activity, cough, diarrhea, decreased appetite, increased thirst, hyperactivity, increased appetite, redness of the skin among others, then, you should consult your veterinarian for proper advice.


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