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Comfortis is a breakthrough prescription oral medication for dogs that makes oral flea prevention medication much easier to administer. The drug comes in the form of a beef-flavored chew-able tablet that even fussy pets will typically swallow with ease. Once ingested, the medication Spinosad begins to work within 30 minutes. As fleas feed, the medication acts on their nervous systems, paralyzing and then ultimately killing the pests. Just one treatment can keep fleas at bay for a full 30 days, greatly simplifying flea prevention. Typically, Comfortis is recommended for dogs with active flea infections that need fast treatment or for pets who tend to lick off topical flea prevention treatments. This medication is safe for pets that are at least 14 weeks of age.

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Comfortis comes as a relief to pet owners who want to get rid of the fleas without the inconvenience of the topical treatments. The topical treatments will subject your pet to the unpleasant process of flea removal, which is mostly very messy. This oral treatment eliminates the fleas and keeps your pet safe for 30 days. Comfortis is a beef-flavored tablet, which any pet will enjoy chewing. Typically, the tablet prevents flea and tick infestation on your dogs and cats. You can repeat the dosage after thirty days in case your pet gets re-infested.

Basic Features of Comfortis

Comfortis tablet is something every pet owner requires in the medicine cabinet. You can get the tablets from the local pharmacy, and it is easy to administer because of its high palatability. Your dog or cat will enjoy chewing the tablet because of its flavor. Essentially, the tablet starts killing the fleas thirty minutes after ingestion. Ultimately, the tablet kills all the adult fleas within one hour. The tablet will bring fast relief to your pet, without any inconvenience.

Secondly, Comfortis is a beef-flavored tablet. You will administer the drug effortlessly because cats and dogs love beef. Therefore, this is a hassle-free procedure every month, and your pets will love the experience. In addition, you do not have to use the topical flea treatments that put your pets in discomfort. You will also benefit from a pesticide free environment. Typically, the conventional pest treatments leave residue pesticide on the pets’ skin, and this can cause allergic reaction to people.

Thirdly, Comfortis cures flea allergy. If your pet is susceptible to flea allergic reactions after fleabites, then you can administer the drug to provide relief. The tablet will cure the Flea Allergy Dermatitis (FAD) effectively. You can use the tablet on 14 weeks old puppies and kittens without subjecting them to any harm. Therefore, young puppies do not have to suffer from allergic reactions.

Fourthly, the tablet does not have bathing restrictions. Once you administer the drug, you can wash or bath your dog without restriction. In most cases, you have bathing restriction when you use topical treatments. Washing your pet soon after using a pesticide washes away the pesticide, thereby making the pesticide ineffective.

How it Works

Comfortis contains an insecticide that prompts overstimulation of the flea’s nervous system. This insecticide causes hyperactive excitations that subsequently inhibit the feeding process of the flea. Soon after, the insecticide causes paralysis and ultimate death. It is worth noting that the insecticide affects the fleas and not the pet. Therefore, there is no need for alarm because your pet is safe. Essentially, if you have tried other means of flea prevention, you can try Comfortis because it works better than the topical treatments.

More Information

Comfortis® (spinosad), now available for dogs and cats, starts killing fleas before they lay eggs and provides a full month of flea protection to help prevent future flea infestations…and Comfortis is easy to administer! A flavored tablet is administered orally, so no residue, no worries about washing off after swimming, bathing, or grooming.


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