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Methamizole is a generic medication that is a human drug that is commonly recommended for use in cats and is an economical alternative to the brand name drug Tapazole. Sold with a valid veterinarian’s prescription, this medication is used to treat hyperthyroidism in cats. In felines with this condition, the thyroid gland works too hard, producing more of the thyroid hormone than is needed, resulting in a wide variety of unpleasant symptoms. Methamizole works by interfering with the thyroid’s ability to produce thyroid hormones, so it slows production without causing thyroid hormone deficiencies. This medication begins to work very quickly and can alleviate symptoms of hyperthyroidism fast. Prescribed for cats of all ages and weights, the medication is usually taken two to three times per day.

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Cats can fall victim to hyperthyroidism. This condition has no cure but can be successfully treated with medication throughout the cat’s life. Methamizole is used to treat this condition in cats effectively.

What is Methamizole?

Methamizole is the generic name of the medication used to treat hyperthyroidism in cats. Initially, propylthiouracil was used but has been replaced by Methamizole, which has been proven to have lower chances of producing negative side effects in your cat. This drug is usually prescribed by veterinary doctors. It is important to note that Methamizole is not approved by the FDA for use on cats as yet but has been an accepted practice by veterinary doctors in treating cats for hyperthyroidism. The accepted dosage for cats is set at five milligrams for every twelve hours. This treatment must be used throughout the cats life as ceasing would bring back the previously witnessed symptoms.

Directions for Use

Methamizole should be taken as directed by the veterinary doctor to avoid any complications in use as well as maximize its effectiveness. The drug works by limiting the overproduction of hormones by the thyroid gland. In the process of doing this, it may also reduce the cells responsible for fighting diseases in cats. This makes it mandatory for veterinary doctors to conduct blood tests on the cat from time to time. If you for get to give your cat a dose at the prescribed time, you can just give it when you remember. It is also important to avoid giving the cat a double dose; as such, you should just follow the set schedule if you remember a missed dose too close to a scheduled one. After administration, keep an eye on your pet to spot any negative reactions and report to the veterinarian immediately if anything seems off about its behavior.

What to Remember

Even though Methamizole is considered as an effective treatment for hyperthyroidism in cats, this medication should not be used on nursing or pregnant cats. This drug can increase the risk of bleeding in these animals. It is also important to remember that it can also reduce disease-fighting cells in the affected animal as stated above; regular blood tests are a must. Animals taking Methamizole should not be given a live vaccine while continuing with the medication.

Pet owners should inform the veterinary doctor of any allergies to this medication. It is also important to inform them whether the cat suffers from liver disease or has a weak immune system. Do not forget to inform the doctor of any other medicines or supplements the cat might be taking as well.

Methamizole should be stored away from pets and children alike to ensure that they do not ingest it by mistake.


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