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Heartgard Plus for Cats

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Heartworms pose a serious risk to indoor and outdoor cats, but protecting felines from the fatal disease is easier than ever with Heartgard Plus for Cats. Available with a veterinarian’s prescription, this drug is a simple heartworm prevention solution, as a single dose can protect cats from the harmful parasites for up to 1 month. Very easy to administer, the medication comes in a chew-able tablet form that is beef flavored and appealing to cats. Even cats that are resistant to take medicine will usually be anxious for their monthly dose. In addition to killing heartworm larvae for up to a full month, Heartgard Plus for Cats is effective at killing and preventing hookworm infections. The drug is safe for cats aged 6 weeks and older.

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Your pet cat can truly warm your heart and give you limitless happiness and affection daily. As much as your cat gives you warmth and affection, it is just right that you always care for your cat too. It’s more than just feeding, petting or even providing toys—you also need to protect your cat from any disease or infection such as heartworms. Give your cat a healthy heart with Heartgard Plus for Cats.

Heartgard Plus for Cats is a tasty chewable treatment that helps prevent heartworms effectively. It also controls and removes hookworms. It is made delicious with its beef flavor, so it’s more like a “treat” than a “treatment” for you kitty. This chewable preventive treatment must be prescribed by a veterinarian prior to administering it to your cat.

The heartworm larvae’s tissue stage is eliminated for a month which then effectively helps prevent heartworm disease. Heartgard Plus for Cats’ active ingredient is Ivermectin. Only 1 chewable tablet must be administered orally once a month. This treatment is recommended by many veterinarians including the American Heartworm Society.

Here are a few reminders when using Heartgard Plus for Cats:

  1. Make sure that you get a prescription from your veterinarian and follow instructions exactly as given.
  2. Heartgard Plus for Cats must be chewed and not swallowed as a whole piece. It is best if you could break the tablet into pieces before giving to your cat.
  3. If your cat has any allergies to medication, beef or ingredients of Heartgard Plus for Cats, inform your veterinarian and request for another preventive maintenance treatment for heartworm instead.
  4. Never give double dose medication. If you miss one dose, then give it when you remember but do not give twice the amount in one month.
  5. Some symptoms of overdose of Heartgard Plus for Cats include blindness, tremors, in coordination and disorientation. If your cat is experiencing this, seek emergency treatment from your veterinarian right away.
  6. If your cat already has another heartworm medication, do not give Heartgard Plus for Cats.
  7. Heartgard Plus for Cats can be used on lactating and pregnant cats safely.

Side Effects of Heartgard Plus for Cats

There are still some cases reported though side effects from use of Heartgard Plus for Cats are rare. As long as you follow the reminders above such as ensuring that your cat is not allergic to this medication as well as you do not overdose your cat, you can expect your pet to tolerate Heartgard Plus for Cats well. Some reported side effects of Heartgard Plus for Cats include disorientation, blindness and dilated pupils, loss of appetite, agitation and tremors.

Consult with your veterinarian for recommendation and prescription of Heartgard Plus for Cats for a healthy heart full of love and affection for your cat.


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