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Ease your dog’s itchy skin with Atopica for Dogs, a prescription pet medication that is commonly prescribed for canine atopic dermatitis, a reaction of the skin caused by allergies. Best used for dogs that are older than 6 months and over 4 pounds in weight, this medication fights the immune system response that causes allergies when an allergen is mistaken as a threat to a dog's body. The actions of the drug help to clear up rashes and alleviate the severe itching and scratching that dogs experience when they have skin allergies. In most cases, this medicine is used just once per day and given 1 hour prior to feeding or 2 hours after feeding. The drug is steroid free and FDA-approved for use in dogs only.

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Using Atopica to Stop Dog Allergies

If your dog seems to be itching more than usual and turning their skin red, then you may want to look at potential problems. It is possible that your dog is suffering from allergies from pollen and the surrounding environment. If their skin is red and itchy, then it may be associated with atopy. You can easily help your best friend to stop the problems associated with allergens in the air and in your home. Using Atopica is one of the options to look into for the health and happiness of your pet.

Checking Allergies with Your Dog

There are certain characteristics that you will want to look at with your pet. For atopy, they will begin to itch their skin, similar to having fleas. You will find that the skin begins to turn red and becomes dry. If the problem is not treated, then it can lead to further problems and pain with your animal. The atopy dermatitis is known for the skin issues that are surrounding them. If they itch more from pollen or by season, then you can assume that it is an allergic reaction that forms atopy. By looking at specific patterns, you will be able to see if it is allergies or another serious problem.

Combating Against Allergy Problems

There are certain steps you can take to assist your dog so they can move into better health. You will want to take them to a vet first to define the specific problem. If there are areas around your home or outdoors that cause irritation, then you will want to change the environment. This may help to lessen the problem of their allergies. In some instances, there are more difficulties with changing the environment, specifically because atopy is attributed to pollens as well as dust. A vet can offer a prescription through a pharmacy that helps you to change the condition with your pet.

The Benefits of Atopica

A simple solution to help your pet with complete recovery is Atopica. This is a pharmaceutical drug that is known for it’s fast solution that attacks allergies. Atopica is a soft oral capsule, making it simple for your dog to swallow without resistance. It is known to assist with specific types of allergies, specifically atopy and atopic dermatitis. You will find that in a short period of time, your dog will stop itching, and they won’t have the red skin that they did before. This will assist them on the road to recovery, despite the season or environment.

Help your dog to relax while getting rid of irritation and itching. If they suffer from atopy, then you can find solutions through pharmacy drugs. Atopica is one of the top solutions to assist with relief for your best friend. With this capsule, you will guide your dog into better help while relieving the itching, dryness and red that they may have because of the surrounding environment.


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