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Animax Ointment

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Animax Ointment is a generic form of Panalog that is available for use in cats and dogs with a prescription from a veterinarian. As an ointment, the drug is intended for external use only and is used to address a variety of infections of the skin. This ointment is unique because it contains a blend of drugs that work together to clear up the infection and reduce the inflammation that can cause cats and dogs discomfort during the healing process. For killing yeast and other types of fungus, the ointment contains Nystatin, and Neomycin sulfate and Thiostrepton are present in the drug to kill many different types of bacteria, including strains that are resistant to many antibiotics. Finally, the Corticosteroid drug Triamcinolone Acetonide is used in the ointment for addressing itching, pain and swelling.

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The Animax Ointment is an anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory and antifungal topical medication made for cats and dogs. This is usually prescribed by a veterinarian to treat problems of the skin such as parasite-borne dermatitis and eczema among other skin conditions. This is also sometimes used for ear infections and disorders.

The four main ingredients of the Animax Ointment are the following:

  1. Nystatin = 100,000 units per mL
  2. Thiostrepton = 2,500 units per mL
  3. Neomycin Sulfate = 2.5 mg per mL
  4. Triamcinolone Acetone = 1 mg per mL

Each of the four key ingredients of the Animax Ointment has its own function. An antifungal antibiotic, Nystatin can be used as an active treatment for skin infections. Thiostreptone works against gram-positive organisms. Neomycin functions as an antimicrobial ingredient while Triamcinolone Acetone helps in the quick healing of a skin or ear problem as it is a corticosteroid.

The Animax Ointment is FDA-approved (NADA #140-847); however, it is important to know that Federal Law prohibits use of this medication unless by a veterinarian or as ordered by a vet.

Many veterinarians prescribe the Animax Ointment as treatment for acute and chronic otitis such as in cats’ interdigital cysts and dogs’ anal gland infections. Other indications of this medication are various dermatologic issues including inflammation, dry dermatitis and those that have candida or bacterial infections. It may also be used to treat seborrheic dermatitis, contact dermatitis, eczematous dermatitis and other skin disorders caused by parasites.

Depending on the condition of your cat or dog, the dosage of the Animax ointment can be as frequent as twice or thrice daily or even once a week. Gloves should be used when applying the appointment and wash your hands immediately after.
Reminders and Precautions

Do not use this medication without a veterinarian’s prescription. It is highly important to check whether your cat or dog is allergic to any of the four active ingredients of Animax Ointment. If so, it must not be used. Especially if the ointment will be used on the ear, proper inspection by a veterinarian should be done first. Do not use the Animax Ointment on your pet’s eyes or the areas around the eyes. If symptoms such as swelling, irritation and redness occurs, stop using the ointment and consult with your veterinarian right away.

Furthermore, the Animax Ointment should not be used for the treatment of severe wounds or infections. Deep-seated infections, severe abscesses or lymphatic vessel inflammation cannot be treated by the ointment. Serious burns, wounds from punctures and other deep wounds are also not treatable by the Animax Ointment. This is a topical medication and should not be administered orally.

Side Effects of the Animax Ointment

Vomiting, diarrhea, polyuria and polydipsia, SGPT (ALT) and SAP enzyme elevations, as well as Cushing’s syndrome, are some of the effects that have been reported in some dogs. When used to treat otitis, temporary hearing loss may also be observed. If this happens, discontinue use and contact your vet.


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