“I Understand”


Some of us may know a pet owner who may be going through an ‘end of life’ decision for their pet. This story is one way of understanding their situation.

One day an eight-year-old boy went to the pet store with his dad to buy a puppy. The store manager showed them to a cage where five little furry balls huddled together. After a while, the boy noticed one of the littermates all by itself in an adjacent cage.

The boy asked, “Why is that puppy all alone?”

The manager explained, “That puppy was born with a bad leg and would be crippled for life, so we’re going to have to put him to sleep.”

“You’re going to kill this little puppy”, the boy sadly said while petting it on its head.

“Well son,” the manager said, “You have to realize that this puppy would never be able to run and play with a boy like you. It just wouldn’t be right for him.

After a short conversation with this boy, the dad told the manager that they wanted to buy the puppy with the bad leg.

“Are you sure?” he asked. “For the same amount of money, you could have one of the ‘healthy’ ones. Why do you want this one?”

To answer the manager’s question, the boy bent over and pulled up the pant-leg, and exposed the brace of his artificial leg underneath. Then he said, “Mister, I want this one because I understand what he’s going through.”