Dog Heartworm Prevention Medicine

Saving Money on Dog Heartworm Prevention Medicine

Let’s face it heartworms are very scary parasites that can make your dog very sick.  Heartworms if left untreated can even be a death sentence for our canine friends.  But dog heartworm prevention medicine can be very expensive.  We all want to protect our pets, but being on a tight budget can really put a […]


Kidney Stones in Dogs

Kidney stones are not very common in dogs. However, bladder stones (urinary calculi is the medical term) are seen quite frequently. This condition is known as urolithiasis and differs considerably in its symptoms compared to human urinary stones. In dogs, the predominant symptoms are frequent efforts to urinate, straining, and even passing blood or clots […]


Sneezing in Reverse

DID YOU KNOW- Dogs can have a condition called the ‘Reverse Sneeze Syndrome’? These are recurrent episodes of what sounds like sneezing, snoring or snorting, except that the dog is drawing air in rather than expelling it out. Each episode can last between 15 seconds and 1 minute. Occasionally there may be some respiratory difficulty. […]